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Professional Kennel of Russian black terriers ADAM RACY STYLE recommends!

The Dog Training Center "Working Dog" is an association of instructors and trainers, dedicated and not thinking of life without man's best friends.

To date, the Center has 17 instructors. Each of them came to this rare harsh occupation own way. But one thing they are united: the ability and desire to train dogs and continuously improve their professional skills. Work experience distinguished instructors - more than 20 years!

Only amenable to training puppies and young dogs really is a myth. A real professionals can train a dog of any breed in any age. In the DOG TRAINING CENTER "WORKING DOG" is developed and successfully applied its own methodology and training program without the participation of the owner. Later, dog owner and his family members are trained - again acquire communication skills with your pet, already passed through the taming. Classes are recorded with the dog in the video, so that later you can see the key elements of the training at home.

For seven years in the Dog Training Center "Working Dog" has trained more than three thousand dogs!











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