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And this week-end was marked by our travel on the south of Russia on the International dog show in Stavropol. As a result - the fifth CACIB for the fourth spring-summer month and the detailed PHOTOREPORT in our GALLERY


Judge E. Erusalimskya - CW Champion Class, BD, BOB, CH RKF, CAC, CACIB!

All-Russian Dog Show CAC FCI "STAVROPOLIYE-2006"
Judge E. Erusalimskya - CW Champion Class, BD, BOB, CH OANKOO, CAC!


June 27, 2006

Two spring months - four IB , the Champion's title of three countries and a lot of BOS, BOB, BOG and BIS! And at the end of spring the Victory over a class at the main XV National Breed's Show (Dmitrov-2006) and we were becoming the Champion of Breed (NKP) and Grand Champion of Russia!

Details - in section ADAM. Reports are coming in News. Photos and video (may be) - a little bit later in the PHOTOGALLERY

Our reports for first two summer months coming soon! Do not miss it!

Keep up our summer News!


May 21, 2006

Because of spammers strengthened activization (Kill the Spammer!) it is temporarily disconnected our GUESTBOOK

Please, comment and contact us by e-mail: info@adam-brt.ru or by phone

We apologize for the arisen inconveniences and we hope we'll correct this problem in the near future!


April 15, 2006

Really, it's very soon our updates...

We apologize very much for our long silence but it's to difficult to find time to visit not so close dog-shows countries, to write the reports to the Russian version and to place photos in English

Do not forget to refresh (F5) and keep up our News!


December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas


It's Christmas time around the world,
You'll hear the Yule bells ring.
It's time for giving, time for love,
It's time for hearts to sing.

Merry Christmas to you one and all,
Goodwill and happiness,
Good health throughout the coming year,
May all your days be blessed.


December 16, 2005

All Dog Shows in the Europe, CACIBs in Russia and also amusing article about the Black Russian Terrier is the beginning of our updating. Follow up a marker New in our subsections.

Something else will be fast...

Do not miss our News!


December 1, 2005

Really, soon the Christmas and New Year already and we did not update our site till now. The information has collected a little and in addition to results of shows there is something not only useful but interesting in our opinion also.

We hope we shall begin to publish saved up in the near future.

Do not forget to refresh (F5) and keep up with News!


May 27, 2005

Final results of the International BRT Show DMITROV-2005 and II-th Festival of Black russian terriers and results of voting and a rating on results of voting also are published in corresponding subsection in SHOWS

We hope the presented information will be interesting and useful for you!


May 24, 2005


Thanks everybody. The show forecast voting results of IInd Festival of Russian black terriers and International single-breed dog-show DMITROV-2005 will be published in Participants and Winners subsections.

Several photos are placed in PHOTOGALLERY. They are from last two-days dog-show combat. Some totals of show results in Festival and single-breed dog-show were systematized, see them in SHOWS section.

Now we are preparing to poll "Best in Show".


May 20, 2005

II-nd Festival of Russian black terriers and International single-breed dog-show DMITROV-2005

We'd like to invite you to VOTING in show results forecast of International single-breed dog-show DMITROV-2005 and II-nd Festival of Russian black terriers. These events will take place on May 21-22, 2005 in Moscow.

ON-LINE VOTING results are refreshed every 1-2 hour and paced in Shows/ Participants section.

VIVID and DETAILED register of members and regulations of International single-breed dog-show DMITROV-2005 and II-nd Festival of Russian black terriers are in Shows section. We will also place the final voting results and real show results here.

The free areas are ready to show the most interesting pictures in PHOTO GALLERY section.

Don't forget to use "Refresh" button of your browser!

We are pleased to see your wishes and remarks on webmaster@adam-brt.ru and in our Guestbook


May 14, 2005

Dear Friends!

We would like to say many thanks to everybody responded to our invitation and to thank everybody personally for their warm words.

We hope You will always find some useful and interesting information on our site.

Keep up with news!


May 9, 2005

Our congratulations with the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory Day!

We spent this day in Krasnaya Zvezda kennel, well known as the founder of our breed. The well managed single-breed and regional dog shows were held in this kind place.

We won in working class, we won third degree in champion class, detailed description from M. Gerasimova and CC certificate raised significantly our holiday mood. The nature and atmosphere gained so we made several nice, to our extent, photos

See you on the Festival and Main Single-Breed Dog Show of blacks on May 21-22, 2005


May 8, 2005

The traditional single-breed and regional dog shows have taken place in Russian town Yaroslavl yesterday.

We have taken second degrees in working class and in champion class. We yielded only the most titled adult male dogs. The CC has been received, good shashlik, nice company and old town The result is in new photos in PHOTO GALLERY

Today in order to look aside dog-show tiring waiting and so as not to miss the weekly trainings we have gone to the yard to jump and bite. The weather was fine, there was a photographer, but the most interesting scene we were late to photo, nevertheless some photos were added


April 29, 2005

The placement of information to the Russian site version almost completed.

We hope that presented information will be interesting and useful for you.

We are pleased to see your wishes and remarks in the Guestbook or in info@adam-brt.ru mail box


April 15, 2005

The most conscious members of Malahovsky kennel team have made the friendly visit to some CIS countries.

"Baltic Spring" and "Moldavian Voyage" are the themes of small reports in the Kennel Events section.


March 20, 2005

The active placement of information to the corresponding site sections is going on now. The complete information renewal will be realized by the end of month. We tender an apology for some inconvenience because of the end stage of Russian and English versions of the site testing.

We hope that presented information will be interesting and useful for you.

Look for our announcements and news!


February 27, 2005

Official opening of a Website of the Adam Malahovskiy - Russian Black Terrier is dated for the holding a first-rate international exhibition in Russia - EVRASIA-2005.

Please leave your wishes, remarks and parting words in the Guestbook or send it to the address info@adam-brt.ru

You are welcome to ADAM!


January 5, 2005

Mask-Show-2005 New Year masquerade of the best Russian Black Terrier Kennel. Malakhovskiy Kennel Website presents the detailed photo-video report look and read.


December 31, 2004

Russian version of site devoted to the Russian Black Terrier Ad Mlkhvskiy is running in test mode.

Information filling and debugging of English version have begun.



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