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Center for Support Family Parenting «Juzhnoe Butovo»
Moscow children's home in the South-Western suburbs
03.05.2016 y., Moscow, Russia


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Early May 2016 in the Centre promotion family education "South Butovo", which is essentially a children's home, held a Fund-raiser. To the pupils were organized Demonstration show with dogs of different breeds, among was Black Russian Terrier from our Kennel – Adam Racy Style EVA.

In the event children sow dogs and their training results. Also, they were meet with history and animals's participation in combats and rescue operations during the Great Patriotic war, because the show was dedicated to the Victory day in 1945. Program’s host spoke about roles and represented of different breeds, told about dogs pulled the wounded, brought medical supplies and helped to blaze communications, undermine the tanks, looking for mines and shells.

In the parade at August 24, 1945, soldiers carried on the Stalin’s  jacket German shepherd. The dog's name was Dzhulbars, he saved many lives, but at the time of the parade was badly injured and could not go itself. From September 1944, one year of his service Dzhulbars found 7468 mines and more than 150 shells. In whole world are very many dogs monuments, on the Poklonnaya hill stay one of these.

“Before we saw a dog as polar bear, and now we invite a huge black bear. This is BLACK RUSSIAN TERRIER! The breed developed in the Moscow kennel "Red star" in the middle of the last century arter Stalin’s  order, to serve in army and the internal troops. This breed is loved and admired not only here but around the world.”

n the playground

Aside from Black Russian Terrier was presented dogs from other breeds, German and Swiss shepherd, Samoyed, Fox Terrier, and other, also were not ignored Metis or mongrels. The host said what should take into attention the breed and its tendencies and dog’s sympathy for select type of dog training or kind of sport, from obedience to more complex programs.

Then, at the dogs performance, the training types were shown to the children: obedience, various commands performing, the excerpt, complex elements, and of course place security, catch, escorting and more.

Breed delegate Black Russian Terrier our Adam Racy Style EVA, who recently has got two years old, showed itself from its best side in the demonstrations. She lives and learns in Moscow with his beloved and caring owner Irina, already passed standards of General training course (OKD) and has got First degree, now started to learn Protective guard section (ECS) in SDP Northern Butovo, there train several of our other blackies.

Kennel ADAM RACY STYLE expresses great thanks to EVA and her owner Irina Simonova for participation in a very necessary and useful event!

Many thanks to the organizers, host and most importantly to our young audience!



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